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best life studio

Experiences have a way of changing us from the inside out. When we experience something we’re passionate about, it becomes part of our life story. Stick around and we'll plan, share and highlight experiences that forge the colorful journey to the best life ever!


celebrate the spice of life

Favorite Things


The woman behind the studio

I decided to become the STAR of my own life by focusing on experiences, things, and people that I’m passionate about. Ain’t no one got time to sit back and let life just happen to them, get out there and make your fairytale happen! You with me? Here we go…





Concert experiences

Concerts are truly an amazing experience. When one of your favorite bands puts on a great performance, it can make for a mind-blowing night. I’ll share tips to guarantee concert memory-making moments.


Fluff Your Day

The definition of fluff is to make something appear fuller and softer by shaking it up. Life is busy and routine can be so boring, but we can all incorporate little joys into our daily grind to FLUFF IT UP! Here are some ways to take your day from meh to marvelous…


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